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Data from publications

2021: Lampe RH, Hernandez G, Lin Y-Y, and Marchetti A. Representative diatom and coccolithophore species exhibit divergent responses throughout simulated upwelling cycles. mSystems 6:e00188-21

2019: Lampe RH, Wang S, Cassar N, and Marchetti A. Strategies among phytoplankton in response to alleviation of nutrient stress in a subtropical gyre. The ISME Journal 13, 2984-2997.

2018: Lampe RH, Cohen NR, Ellis KA, Bruland KW, Maldonado MT, Peterson TD, Till CP, Brzezinski MA, Bargu S, Thamatrakoln K, Kuzminov FI, Twining BS, and Marchetti A. Divergent gene expression among phytoplankton taxa in response to upwelling. Environmental Microbiology 20, 3069-3082.