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MANTA plot

R function for making MA plots with taxonomic pie charts as points.

I'm currently working on an updated version that uses ggplot. Please contact me if you're interested.

Source Code (github)

Pseudo-nitzschia Iron Limitation Index (ILI) Calculator

The Pseudo-nitzschia ILI was developed to assess the in situ iron status of Pseudo-nitzschia with a incubation-independent, molecular-based approach. Here we provide a calculator to rapidly assess the Pseudo-nitzschia ILI from raw RNA-seq counts of two genes: FTN and ISIP2a.

Citation: Marchetti A, Moreno CM, Cohen NR, Oleinikov I, Delong K, Twining BS, Armbrust EV, and Lampe RH. (2017) Development of a molecular-based index for assessing iron status in bloom-forming pennate diatoms. Journal of Phycology 53, 820-832.