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MANTA plot

R function for making MA plots with taxonomic pie charts as points.

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Pseudo-nitzschia Iron Limitation Index (ILI) Calculator

The Pseudo-nitzschia ILI was developed to assess the in situ iron status of Pseudo-nitzschia with a incubation-independent, molecular-based approach. Here we provide a calculator to rapidly assess the Pseudo-nitzschia ILI from raw RNA-seq counts of two genes: FTN and ISIP2a.

Citation: Marchetti A, Moreno CM, Cohen NR, Oleinikov I, Delong K, Twining BS, Armbrust EV, and Lampe RH. (2017) Development of a molecular-based index for assessing iron status in bloom-forming pennate diatoms. Journal of Phycology 53, 820-832.